What Makes Fresh From The Heart Cookies Healthy?


We’ve seen a whole lot of ‘health’ foods that aren’t actually all that healthy. Sure, they contain some better-for-you ingredients, but they’re loaded with sugar to make them taste d-e-c-e-n-t and packed preservatives to keep them shelf-stable. That’s exactly why we created our first recipes, and a company you can trust to bake nutritious cookies, that actually taste amazing. 

Our Cookies Include Nutrient-Rich Ingredients

Sweet treats can be good for you, and that’s exactly our goal with each cookie recipe we create! But, how do we make our cookies healthy? We focus on including nutrient-rich ingredients that work overtime to make our cookies taste good and provide health benefits to boot.

Flaxseed Meal

Many of our recipes contain flaxseed meal. It‘s an excellent egg substitute that helps our cookies get that ooey, gooey texture. But, flaxseed’s also an impressive source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids. They help keep your skin clear and your hair grow long and strong. Flaxseed meal works to support healthy blood sugar levels and blood pressure levels, making them heart-healthy and beneficial for your metabolism. They make a nutritious addition to any cookie. 

Coconut Oil’s Full of Good-For-You Fats

Fat’s an important part of anyone’s diet, but not all fats are created equal. Coconut oil contains saturated fats that boost energy levels and help support a healthy heart, unlike many other fat sources. Baking with coconut oil’s a great way to make any recipe a little better…for you! 

Applesauce is Packed With Phytochemicals

Harness the power of plants with applesauce. There’s a reason apples have been applauded for their phytochemical power. It’s because apples are full of gut-friendly pectin to promote healthy digestion and stress-blasting antioxidants that help keep you healthy. We bake many of our recipes using applesauce as an oil alternative. It’s working double time to provide you with incredible nutrients, and allows us to avoid added oil! Applesauce is a wholesome ingredient, indeed!

Rolled Oats Help You Feel Full!

Oatmeal cookies are some of our favorites! They’re gluten-free. They have impressive texture. But most importantly, adding oats to any recipe’s a great way to sneak in some extra nutrition. Rolled oats are absolutely packed with tummy-taming fiber. It supports healthy digestion and can even help if you’re experiencing GI distress. Rolled oats contain plenty of bone-supportive Phosphorous, energy-supportive Magnesium, and heart-healthy Folate. As if that weren’t enough, rolled oats also help you feel full, which supports healthy weight management. So, enjoy your Fresh From the Heart oatmeal cookies, guilt-free! 

Almond Butter Make Our Recipes High-Protein

There are few things we love more than rich, creamy almond butter. It makes any recipe taste amazing, with the perfect balance between nutty and salty flavoring. But, it’s also a great way to bump up the protein! We include almond butter in many of our recipes for that very reason. High-protein snacks help you feel full and give you long-lasting energy. So, grab an almond butter cookie and enjoy!

Our Cookies Are Refined Sugar-Free

No cookie’s top-notch in our book if it contains refined sugar. Period. Sure, sugar tastes great, but consuming lots of refined sugar wreaks havoc on your energy levels, blood sugar levels, and more. Avoiding refined sugar can help you feel better in general--and with a host of health issues. Eating a diet that doesn’t include refined sugars has been shown to support healthy inflammatory responses, healthy energy levels and can even support cognitive function. Hello, focus! 

Maple Syrup & Coconut Sugar 

So, what do we do to make cookies that taste delicious...and sweet enough to indulge in? We use different sources for our sweetness. Fresh From the Heart cookie recipes include maple syrup and coconut sugar to give them amazon flavor. Maple syrup’s full of immune-system supporting antioxidants and other compounds that make it tasty and nutritious. Coconut sugar’s a less-processed alternative that contains powerful vitamins and minerals that make it a great option when baking. 

Our Cookies are Allergy-Friendly

Inclusivity is key when it comes to healthy baking in our book. And that’s exactly why we bake with dietary restrictions in mind! Whether you have allergies, sensitivities or you practice a lifestyle that’s got you cutting ingredients out of your diet, we strive to provide cookies that most everyone can eat.

All of Our Recipes Are Vegan

You won’t find any animal products in our cookies. Instead of eggs, we go for flaxseed meal and applesauce. Instead of dairy, we use coconut oil. We’re committed to using ingredients we feel good about, and that means we’re formulating vegan recipes! 

All of Our Recipes Are Gluten-Free

You won’t find any flour in our cookies, either. Instead, we bake with flour alternatives like high-protein almond flour and fiber-rich oat flour. It makes for a tasty cookie that gluten-free folks can dig into.

We’ve Got Nut-Free Options, Too

If you can’t, or don’t, eat nuts, don’t worry! We have cookies you can enjoy as well. In fact, we have several varieties that don’t contain any peanuts, almonds, or other tree nuts. Find out more about our nut-free recipes here. 

Our Cookies are Fresh

We bake Fresh From the Heart cookies fresh. We leave out all things artificial, so you won’t find any preservatives or additives that would extend the shelf life of our cookies. We use all-natural ingredients and we hope you’ll eat our cookies, asap! If you do want to extend their life, freezing some’s a good idea. Otherwise, enjoy your dessert, grab your snack bag or share a box as soon as they’re delivered. Our recipes offer a truly healthy way to enjoy cookies! Order your Fresh From the Heart cookies here.