Our Top 5 Favorite Healthy Flour Alternatives


With so many all-purpose flour alternatives on the market, it can be tough to determine which one is best! Do your go for something gluten-free, vitamin-fortified, or high in protein? Some are better for baking than others, and some may not taste the way you expected. Here’s a breakdown of some of our favorite healthy flour alternatives to help you with your home baking:

Chickpea Flour is a Healthy Flour Alternative That’s Packed With Protein

Chickpea, chickpea, chickpea, it’s not only fun to say, but it’s also a protein-packed flour alternative that’s so good for you. Chickpea flour is made by milling dried chickpeas. It’s a simple process and a single ingredient!

It tastes fairly neutral, though you can expect a slightly ‘bean-y’ flavor. A single cup of chickpea flour contains upwards of 11 grams of protein...an impressive feat! It’s filled with immune-supportive antioxidants and phytonutrients--good stuff from plants--that support your heart.

What makes chickpea flour truly stand out as an excellent alternative, though, is its binding power. The challenge with many gluten-free flours is that they don’t develop gluten strains and therefore don’t hold a dough or batter together. Baking with them can get a bit complex because you have to add additional ingredients to help things stick together. Chickpea helps you keep things simple in the kitchen, and doesn’t require you to add binding ingredients to your favorite recipes.

Almond Flour is a Healthy Flour Alternative That’s Low-Carb and Delicious

If you shy away from carbohydrates, this is the flour for you! Almond flour is full of protein and light on the carbs. It’s made by grinding almonds into a soft, fine powder. The result is a slightly grainy, slightly sweet flour that tastes a little like almonds. Yum! 

Almond flour is chock full of nutrients, too. Everything you love about almonds? Yeah, it’s also true about almond flour. Almond flour is full of good-for-your-gut fiber to help with digestion. And it’s friendly for a variety of dietary lifestyles. Whether you need ingredients that have a low glycemic index, are low-carb, or go for gluten-free options, almond flour makes for a great all-purpose alternative.

We use almond flour in our low-carb cookies for this very reason. Choose from flavors like Thin Almond Chip, Thin Double Chocolate Chip, and Vanilla Chip for a carb-conscious cookie that’s delicious, and healthy.

Brown Rice Flour is a Healthy Flour Alternative That’s Nutrient-Dense

If you’ve ever tried rice flour, consider swapping it out for brown rice flour. Why? Because it’s less processed, filled with more nutrients, and brings a rich, nutty flavor to any recipe. It’s typically been used as an all-purpose flour substitute for those with gluten sensitivities, since it’s a gluten-free option. 

It can be used in almost any recipe and is frequently combined with other alternative flours to create the perfect flour blend for baking. 

Brown rice is rich in manganese--a mineral that’s important for bone development, skin health, muscle health, and more. Brown rice also contains folate to support your heart, riboflavin to boost your energy, and calcium for strong bones. 

Coconut Flour is a Healthy Flour Alternative That Contains Skin-Supportive Fats

Coconut flour? Yes, you heard that right. You can make flour from coconuts. If you’re wondering how the answer is simple. Coconut flour is made by grinding dried coconut ‘meat’ into a buttery soft powder…aka, flour. It’s naturally grain-free and low-carb. 

Coconut flour is packed with nutritious fats that help keep your skin healthy and hair strong. It’s also beneficial for healthy digestion, thanks to its high fiber content. Coconut flour supports healthy heart function and can even help your body keep cholesterol levels in check. 

The most unique feature of this flour, though, is that it’s been shown to contain anti-microbial qualities. This is just a fancy way to say that it helps your body fight infection! Coconut flour doubles down on this benefit and also contains powerful antioxidants that boost your immune system.

Oat Flour is a Healthy Flour Alternative That’s Good For Your Heart

Ooooh, oat flour! This healthy all-purpose flour alternative is readily available at most grocery stores nowadays, but it’s also incredibly easy to make. Grab some rolled oats, a blender and you’ve got everything you need to make your own oat flour.

Add it to any recipe to improve the texture. Or, swap all-purpose flour for oat flour, when you need your baked goods to be gluten-free! It helps with weight management since oat flour leaves you feeling full. Plus, it’s an antioxidant that works to keep your immune system strong. If that weren’t enough, oat flour also supports cholesterol levels for a healthy heart and helps with digestion. Talk about a superfood! 

In our Fresh from the Heart kitchen, we love to use oat flour! In fact, many of our recipes contain certified gluten-free oats and oat flour. Snack on some oat flour Snickerdoodles. They come in a ready-to-share snack bag or as a single serving. Or, go for a classic chocolate chip cookie. They’re our best-selling recipe, and for good reason! They’re made with oat flour for a chewy, gooey, soft, and delicious cookie. Snag them in a snack bag, or stock up with a box.

We’d love to see how you enjoy your Fresh From the Heart oat flour cookies! Tag us @FreshFrontTheHeart on Instagram to share.