Is Almond Flour The Best Gluten-Free Flour Substitute?


What’s gluten-free, packed with protein, and tastes a touch nutty and a teensy bit sweet? Almond Flour of course! It’s brimming with health benefits and makes a great, low-carb addition to any baker’s kitchen. Let’s take a closer look at Almond Flour: 

What Is Almond Flour?

Almond Flour is made from….you guessed it…almonds! First, almonds are blanched to remove the skin. Then ground into a fine, fine powder. And there you have it, Almond Flour. It’s that simple! 

Quality almond flour is typically silky smooth, and more affordable options may have spent less time in the mill. That said, any Almond Flour you choose adds extra protein to that cake you’re baking, the bread you’re making, or the sweet treat you can’t wait to enjoy. 

Is Almond Flour Healthier Than Other Flours?

If you love gluten, it can be tough to say goodbye to bread and other baked goods. Whether you’ve got an intolerance or you’ve adopted a low-carb lifestyle, trade-in traditional flour for a healthier alternative: Almond Flour.

Almond Flour is Packed With Protein

Almond Flour packs a serious protein punch. In fact, you’ll get a whopping 19 grams of protein with every 100 grams of almond flour you add to a recipe. Even if you don’t need to eat a gluten-free diet, opting for Almond Flour instead of traditional flour is a great way to boost your daily protein intake.

Almond Flour is Fiber-Filled

You’ve no doubt been told how important fiber is to your diet. But what you may not know is that the majority of your immune systemupwards of 70% of itlives in your digestive tract. That means gut health is key to your overall health. And fiber-rich foods like Almond Flour, well, they help you stay healthy!

Almond Flour is RIght For Lots of Lifestyles

You already know this flour substitute is gluten-free, but it’s friendly to a variety of other lifestyles, as well. 

Is low carb your life? Almond Flour’s for you. Is blood sugar a concern? Almond Flour’s got a low glycemic index, too. On the lookout for healthy fat? Again, Almond Flour has what you need. Of course, steer clear if you have nut allergies, but otherwise, Almond Flour fits into almost any lifestyle! 

How To Use Almond Flour As A Gluten-Free Flour Alternative 

Don’t be intimidated when it comes to ditching gluten-filled flour. As we’ve discussed, Almond Flour is chock full of additional nutrients, which makes switching a no-brainer!

It’s Easy to Bake With Almond Flour

There’s no need to calculate complicated replacement ratios. Nope! Simply swap out your wheat-based flour for Almond Flour one-to-one. Or, try a recipe specially designed to complement this low-carb, high-protein flour. There are countless resources out there with low-carb cooking ideas, that make Almond Flour the star in their recipes. 

Almond Flour Tastes Great! 

Because Almond Flour’s made with just one ingredient, almonds, it has that distinctly nutty flavor. It adds a little ‘mmmm, mmmm’ something to any recipe. 

But we can’t forget to mention the texture, too! Almond Flour is milled into a fine powder, but no matter how many times it goes through the grinder, it’ll always have a bit more grit than its gluten-heavy counterpart. That texture makes cookies taste divine, and macarons, yeah, there’s a reason they feature this flour! 

Don’t want to do the baking yourself? Enjoy some of our low-carb cookies made with Almond Flour. Choose from Thin Almond Chip, Thin Almond Vanilla Chip, Thin Double Chocolate Chip, Almond Chocolate Chip, and Vanilla Chip for a low-carb, high-protein sweet treat!