Energy-Boosting Snack Ideas To Keep You Going


The afternoon slump struggle is real. Avoid feeling that deeeeep, midday fatigue around 3 pm each and every afternoon by snacking smarter. Don’t reach for more caffeine, don’t grab anything that’s jam-packed with sugary sweet goodness, and definitely don’t keep eating whatever snacks have you bone-tired hours before dinnertime. Keep reading to find out which energy-boosting snacks you should grab, instead.

Eating For Energy: Everything You Need To Know

It’s actually important to eat often! While many people try to stick to three solid meals a day, eating every 4-5 hours can help you avoid hitting a low-energy slump. That said, it’s just as important to choose foods that’ll give you lasting energy, instead of snacks that will send you on an energy roller coaster. Look for high protein bites made without refined sugars and carbs for the best energy boost from your food. 

Protein = Power When It Comes To Energy-Boosting Foods

You no doubt know just how important protein is to your diet. But one of the main reasons why it’s important is that it helps your body produce energy. And it supports balanced blood sugar levels. 

When you eat refined sugars or lots of processed carbs, your blood sugar levels shoot sky high. And then fall just as fast (we talk more about this down below). Protein helps our body metabolize a bit slower, and gently, cautiously, graduuuuualllllllly raises blood sugar levels. When you’re consuming a protein-rich snack, you help your body maintain healthy blood sugar levels and steady energy levels. 

But if you’re worried about finding sweet treats that are also high in protein, we’re here to help! Here are some of our favorite high-protein ingredients to look for when choosing an energy-boosting snack: 

  • Almond Butter: it’s chock full of protein and heart-healthy to boot. This is one ingredient that’ll have you feeling energized for a long time.
  • Peanut Butter: There’s a reason PB&J sandwiches are a staple—because they’re an excellent source of protein. Baking with peanut butter makes for a snack that’s creamy, delicious, and has energy power to keep that pep in your step.
  • Almond Flour: You already know almond butter’s a high-protein addition to any treat, but almond flour’s also beneficial. It lets you eliminate refined carbs and boosts the protein content of any recipe. Hello, energy! 
  • Flax Meal: Flax is not only high in protein but is also rich in Omega Fatty Acids that your body uses for energy. It does wonders for your body and your energy levels.

Our favorite high-protein cookie snacks that’ll boost your energy are: When you’re ready for a snack and want something that’s sweet, but also high in protein, we’ve got you covered! Fresh From the Heart cookies are full of energy-boosting protein-filled ingredients that’ll leave you feeling fully satisfied and energized. Try a snack bag of Almond Butter Cookies, a box of Peanut Butter Cookies, or a single Oatmeal Cranberry cookieOrder yours here.

Skip Refined Sugar When It Comes To Energy-Boosting Foods

Your blood sugar controls your body’s energy levels. So, taking care to keep it balanced helps you feel energized all day long. On the flip side, if you consume a whole bunch of sweets, your blood sugar levels skyrocket. While this is great for an immediate jolt that’ll put a pep in your step, it’s not sustainable! And soon, toooo soon, your blood sugar levels will crash and burn, leaving you even more tired than you were before your sugary treat. 

Instead, look for snacks that avoid refined sugars. And the good news for those of you with a sweet tooth is that avoiding refined sugar doesn’t mean you can only eat savory snacks. No, no. There are plenty of good-for-you sugar alternatives that won’t cause your blood sugar to take you on a wild ride. 

Enter Maple Syrup. It’s sweet. It’s delicious. And it’s not refined sugar! This is exactly why we love using Maple Syrup in our cookie recipes. It adds amazing flavor and will satisfy your sugar craving, all the while keeping you energized all afternoon long.

Our favorite refined sugar-free cookie snacks that’ll boost your energy are: It doesn’t get much better than a classic chocolate chip cookie. That is unless it’s made without refined sugar to help you feel energized, longer. And that’s exactly the case when you purchase a case of our Chocolate Chip Cookies. You won’t find any refined sugar here! Instead, they’re formulated with maple syrup for sweetener. Order a box here.

Get Carb-Conscious When It Comes To Energy-Boosting Foods

Of course, carbs give you energy. There’s a reason athletes ‘carbo-load the night before a big event. But, that doesn’t mean the average, moderately active, person needs to consume lots of carbs to keep them fueled. 

In fact, carbs act a whole lot like refined sugar in your body. They cause your blood sugar levels to rise rapidly,,,and dip just as quickly. This leaves you feeling a quick burst of energy and then a long and sleepy slump. To avoid the carb crash, look for whole-food snacks that go easy on the refined carbs. 

Our favorite carb-conscious that’ll boost your energy are: Fresh From the Heart low-carb cookies! These babies forgo the all-purpose flour in favor of protein-packed almond flour. It makes for a cookie that’s low-carb and high-energy. Try Thin Double Chocolate Chip, Thin Almond Vanilla Chip, Almond Chocolate Chip, and more. All of our carb-conscious cookies are delicious, and won’t cause your blood sugar levels to peak and dive! Order a box here.

Whether you choose chocolate chip, almond butter, or oatmeal cranberry, Fresh From the Heart cookies are energy-boosting foods perfect for snack time. Especially when you want to avoid the afternoon slump and feel ready for anything, any time of day. Let us know what your favorite energy-boosting snacks are on Instagram! Tag us @FreshFromTheHeart to share.