About Us

Fresh From The Heart Guiltless treats was started in 2014 after founder, Regina Radusky simply could not find the perfect nutritious snack to eat. Most healthy snacks on the market still contain preservatives, added sugar, processed ingredients and artificial flavorings. After playing around in the kitchen, Regina finally created the perfect Guiltless Treat and couldn't wait to share it. At Fresh From The Heart, we've created something that was different from all other cookies and treats found in stores. Our cookies are made with minimal ingredients so you know exactly what is going into your body. We pride ourselves on making our treats without any added refined sugar, gluten, eggs, dairy, hydrogenated oils, margarine, preservatives or artificial flavors and ingredients. We use wholesome ingredients to give you delicious homemade tasting treats. 


Fresh From The Heart Guiltless Treats are baked in a kosher facility under the strict supervision of the KOF-K Parve

We use only 100% Natural Ingredients. That means you'll find nothing fake in any of our products.

So go ahead and enjoy yourself a delicious & nutritious cookie!